Web Design Portfolio CC 2019: Photoshop & Dreamweaver

Web Design Portfolio CC 2019: Photoshop & Dreamweaver
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This book provides a solid foundation in two popular software applications used in professional web design. From creating and manipulating images in Photoshop to designing modern websites in Dreamweaver, the proj-ects in this book were designed to represent a range of tasks that will be valuable in a professional career in web design. You will learn to:

  • Customize and manage the user interface in Adobe CC applications to enhance productivity.
  • Define appropriate file dimensions, resolution, and compression settings for web design applications.
  • Use Photoshop to composite multiple images into a unified design and manipulate pixels to create original artwork
  • Use Dreamweaver to build modern web pages, from adding links and defining basic page structure to controlling every aspect of the page using cascading style sheets (CSS).