Adobe InDesign CC 2018: The Professional Portfolio

InDesign CC 2018: The Professional Portfolio
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Adobe InDesign is the industry standard for print page-layout design, and also incorporates a number of sophis-ticated tools that make it much easier to repurpose content for digital media. This book was developed to not only teach how to apply the broad scope of InDesign’s features, but also how to “work smarter” by streamlining your workflow with time-saving functions like document templates, master pages, and styles.

By completing the eight projects in this book, you will compile an impressive portfolio sure to impress potential employers and clients. You will learn how to:

  • Create and manage various types of frames, which are the foundational building block of any InDesign layout. Place and manipulate images and text to create a cohesive design.
  • Use file templates, master pages, and styles to dramatically improve workflow efficiency.
  • Create documents of any length, from a one-page poster to a multi-page book made up several separate layout files.
  • Control text flow, pagination, and consistency in long documents.
  • Define appropriate settings for folding documents.
  • Use conditional text and layers to develop customized versions of a document.
  • Use a variety of methods, including XML and shared content tools, to incorporate the same elements in a series of related layouts.
  • Incorporate interactive elements to take advantage of the capabilities in digitally distributed files.
  • Repurpose content for multiple media, including HTML and EPUB formats.
  • Combine multiple documents into a single book, including managing a table of contents and index.