Adobe Illustrator CC 2014: The Professional Portfolio

Adobe Illustrator CC 2014: The Professional Portfolio
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If you are looking for a book to match CC (2013) software please contact our office directly. All orders placed for Illustrator CC books from Against The Clock will be fulfilled with our CC 2014 Edition.

Adobe Illustrator offers a sophisticated range of tools for creating original digital artwork, as well as designing entire compositions with images, graphics, and text. Illustrator CC represents a significant leap forward in the application’s evolution, introducing new options that will make your work both easier and faster.

The eight projects in this book were designed to represent realistic assignments in a professional workflow. You will learn to:

  • Combine, edit, and transform primitive shapes to create complex illustrations.
  • Define and manipulate curve points and handles to control every detail in your vector graphics.
  • Apply custom colors, gradients, and visual effects to achieve the perfect effect for your job.
  • Manage complex artwork on multiple layers and artboards.
  • Format text entirely within the Illustrator workspace to develop complete, print-ready documents.
  • Place external files onto an Illustrator artboard, and create a final job package to more easily manage linked files.
  • Create a sample representation of a 3D package design for client approval.
  • Use time-saving symbols and libraries of brushes, patterns, and other assets to streamline your workflow.
  • Save files with appropriate settings and formats for a variety of print and digital media.
  • Design a web site interface and export CSS to control the appearance of HTML elements in a web page.