Welcome Students!

The Against The Clock Portfolio Series teaches graphic design software tools and techniques entirely within the framework of real-world projects.

Once you purchase your book, you’ll gain access to Against The Clock’s student resources, which include art, images, text files and fonts. Using the Against The Clock resources will be required to complete the projects efficiently and match the look and quality of the books’ assigned projects.

If you are using software and ATC books for CS3 or CS4, the student resource files are included with your purchase and are available on the CD located on the inside back cover of your book.

If you are using software and ATC books for CS5, all resource files are available only online. Follow the instructions below to register and get started.

You must be registered to download files.

To download art and text files:

  1. Purchase an ATC book.
  2. Create a New Account
  3. Enter the Student-Resources number from the inside cover of your book.
  4. Download the appropriate files.

If you haven’t purchased an ATC book yet, browse and order from the ATC Bookstore.

If you have purchased a Used book without a CD (prior to CS5) or without a valid Student-Resources Number (for CS5 and future versions), click here.