Web Design Portfolio CS5: Adobe Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver

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This book provides a solid foundation in the three most popular software titles – Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver – that are used in professional Web design. The nine projects in this book were designed to represent a range of tasks likely to be encountered during a professional career in Web design. The step-by-step exercises are intended to simulate a realistic workflow while you learn to:

  • Customize workspace settings to enhance your productivity regardless of the job specifications.
  • Define appropriate file dimensions, resolution, and compression settings for a variety of file types.
  • Use Photoshop’s powerful controls for compositing multiple images, correcting colors, adjusting lighting, and repairing other types of visual damage in your images.
  • Use Flash’s toolset to animate images and graphics, add sound to files, and program basic interactivity.
  • Use Dreamweaver’s sophisticated interface for building Web pages, including basic page element and link control, and more advanced design options using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  • Create a complete functioning Web site, from designing the overall interface in Photoshop to creating a video-playing module in Flash to implementing the site in Dreamweaver.