Web Design Portfolio CC (June 2016 Release) Photoshop, Animate & Dreamweaver

Web Design Portfolio CC (June 2016 Release) Photoshop, Animate & Dreamweaver
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This book provides a solid foundation in three popular software applications used in professional Web design. From creating and manipulating images in Photoshop, to building animations in Flash, to designing modern Web sites in Dreamweaver, the projects in this book were designed to represent a range of tasks that will be valuable in a professional career in Web design. You will learn to:
• Customize and manage the user interface in Adobe CC applications to enhance productivity.
• Define appropriate file dimensions, resolution, and compression settings for Web design applications.
• Use Photoshop to composite multiple images into a unified design and manipulate pixels to create original artwork.
• Use Flash to animate images and graphics, add sound to files, and program basic interactivity.
• Use Dreamweaver to build modern Web pages, from adding links and defining basic page structure to controlling every aspect of the page using cascading style sheets (CSS).