Graphic Design Portfolio CS4: InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop

Graphic Design Portfolio CS4: InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop
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Part of the Against The Clock Professional Portfolio Series, The Graphic Design Portfolio offers an in-depth introduction to three of the most popular applications in graphic design. The real-world projects in this book provide a solid foundation for graphic design students to build into more advanced print design specialties, or even to jump right into an entry-level career in print graphic design.

In Illustrator CS4:

  • Use basic geometric drawing techniques to create a series of international icons.
  • Use vector-based drawing techniques to create the complex shapes of a hot air balloon.
  • Use advanced drawing techniques to create a completed logo, including realistic gradients and logotype.
  • In Photoshop CS4:

  • Use a variety of techniques to create and manipulate selections, and combine multiple images into a cohesive magazine ad.
  • Use Smart Objects, filters, and effects to create digital artwork.
  • Use retouching and adjustment tools to correct problems in a series of restaurant images.
  • In InDesign CS4:

  • Use external images, transparency, and effects to combine client content into a visually appealing jazz festival poster.
  • Use a layout template, master pages, and text formatting options to create a monthly client newsletter.
  • Use page guides to build a common folding document template, and work with styles to automate repetitive formatting options.
  • Plus, Project 10 combines skills in all three applications, including some of the cross-application features that are enabled using the Adobe Creative Suite.