Adobe InDesign CS3: The Professional Portfolio

Adobe InDesign CS3: The Professional Portfolio
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Get your ideas onto paper with this robust page-layout application.

Whether you are creating simple business cards, large-format signs, or lengthy indexed textbooks, InDesign is the tool you need to move your ideas from your head to a finished printed project. InDesign gives you control over every detail in your layouts, from tweaking character styles, to formatting paragraphs, to indexing complex content.

Like the other titles in the Portfolio Series, this book guides the student through every step needed to complete real projects. Important topics that are common to almost all page-layout projects -- such as text formatting, color management, and printing -- are introduced as basic concepts in earlier projects, then expanded on in greater detail in subsequent projects. This approach allows students to rapidly achieve proficiency with InDesign by completing realistic projects right away.

As you progress through the projects in this book, you will learn to:

  • Build new files at defined sizes, add and format text in a cohesive layout, and print final documents by undertaking the common task of developing a professional identity package in the very first project.
  • Import external copy and format it within the InDesign workspace to create an eye-catching poster that integrates graphics and text elements into a seamless design in Project 2.
  • Define and use timesaving templates, character styles, and paragraph styles, all of which are invaluable for repetitive tasks and serial publications, such as the Project 3 newsletter.
  • Create custom-folded documents, such as the brochures seen in hotel racks everywhere and the take-out menu in Project 4, which must follow industry-compliant folding conventions.
  • Build documents with facing pages, multiple sections, and numbered lists; the student will develop these skills while working with special characters and glyphs to create the Project 5 booklet.
  • Use layers to generate multiple versions of the same document; the catalog mailer prepared in Project 6 gives students experience in dealing with multiple imported (placed) images.
  • Develop templates, original "from-scratch" style sheets, and library components for use in periodicals such as the magazine layout in Project 7.
  • Publish lengthy documents such as the multi-chapter, multi-image book in Project 8 that require the generation of tables-of-contents and indices.

By completing the eight real-world projects in the InDesign book, students will not only master the broad scope of InDesign functions, they will also develop a robust portfolio sure to impress potential employers. Furthermore, the Portfolio Builders will provide opportunities for students to flex their creative muscles by independently completing freeform assignments at the end of every project.