Adobe Illustrator CS3: The Professional Portfolio

Adobe Illustrator CS3: The Professional Portfolio
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The standard in computer illustration and technical drawing, Illustrator continues to dominate the worldwide graphics industry.

Creating technical artwork is one of the hallmarks of Adobe Illustrator; the fine control over editing and publishing illustrations surely explains Illustrator's continuing popularity in the graphic arts industry. In addition to these capabilities, however, Illustrator also offers professional-caliber typography tools as well as web-publishing functions powerful enough to satisfy most clients. Against The Clock's Portfolio Series provides step-by-step lessons supplemented with important foundational discussions that expand your knowledge from basic familiarity to true mastery. In every project, you will work on realistic jobs that designers frequently encounter throughout their careers.

By working through the challenging and fun lessons, you will:

  • Draw and manipulate simple shapes to create vivid icons for workplace safety signage.
  • Import external objects, create unique artwork to exact specifications, and incorporate text into an Illustrator design by creating a large-format kitchen-planning guide.
  • Master use of the Pen tool -- the most critical tool in the application -- by developing a complete corporate identity package including stationery, envelopes, and business cards.
  • Explore Illustrator's many brush libraries, symbols, and patterns to develop a custom map.
  • Use advanced typography tools such as character styles, paragraph styles, and glyphs, and learn proper methods for combining imagery and complex text elements into a three-panel brochure.
  • Create original artwork using filters, effects, and transparency for retail packaging, an extremely lucrative segment of the graphic design profession.
  • Develop functional web components using Illustrator's ability to generate hot links, industry-standard XHTML, slices, and other elements required for site development. In addition, the project employs highly effective coloring functions through the use of Illustrator's Mesh tool.
  • Generate attention-grabbing "infographics" to present data from both internal and external sources. In the final project, the student will simulate three-dimensionality both manually, through the use of guides and two-point perspective, as well as with Adobe's built-in Transformation functions.

By completing the eight real-world projects in the Illustrator book, students will not only master the broad scope of Illustrator's capabilities, they will also develop a robust portfolio sure to impress potential employers. Furthermore, the Portfolio Builders will provide opportunities for students to flex their creative muscles by independently completing freeform assignments at the end of every project.