Adobe Illustrator CC 2017: The Professional Portfolio Series

Adobe Illustrator CC 2017: The Professional Portfolio Series
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Adobe Illustrator’s powerful toolset makes it a valuable resource in the graphic designer’s portfolio. Used for everything from fine art and technical illustration to print layout to Web site interface design, strong Illustrator skills will provide you a distinct advantage in the professional graphic design market.

The projects in this book were designed to represent realistic assignments in a professional workflow. As you complete the various exercises, you will learn to:

  • Combine and edit basic shapes to create complex illustrations.
  • Define and manipulate Bezier curves to control fine detail in an illustration.
  • Apply colors, gradients, and visual effects to achieve both artistic and realistic effects in a vector illustration.
  • Arrange elements of complex artwork on multiple layers and artboards.
  • Create and manipulate text in a variety of contexts, from logotype design to brochure layouts.
  • Use time-saving assets such as symbols and libraries to improve your workflow.
  • Create graphic and CSS assets for a Web design workflow directly within Illustrator.
  • Save files with appropriate settings for a variety of print and digital distribution methods.