Adobe Flash CS3: The Professional Portfolio

Adobe Flash CS3: The Professional Portfolio
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Now you can easily create web-ready images and animations within the familiar Adobe environment.

With the recent acquisition of Macromedia, Adobe has added Flash to its suite of creative products, thus solidifying its position as the world's leading developer of graphic and visual communications tools. The Against The Clock Portfolio Series Flash title ensures that you'll learn everything you need to complete any job that requires Flash skills. The hallmark of the Portfolio Series is its use of realistic projects to guide the student through the many tools and functions in the Flash application.

As you work through these, step-by-step projects, you will learn to:

  • Draw complex illustrations by using the pen tools to draw multiple primitive shapes, adjusting fill and stroke attributes, and using layers to manage elements.
  • Create animated icons using frame animations, motion tweens, and shape tweens-- the building blocks of modern vector cartooning and animation produciton worldwide.
  • Explore symbols, libraries, movie clips, and other techniques to develop an interactive map based on a static digital image.
  • Model a complex animation of the solar system, applying mathematical formulas to properly match the distances and speeds involved as objects circle the sun.
  • Import externally generated video clips, add controls, and combine movie components with original vector art in the publication of an extreme sports video.
  • Use Flash to design, develop, and create web components including HTML, links, and -- most importantly -- XML for displaying variable, changing data on a real-time basis.
  • Develop an interactive video game using variable mathematics and integrating sound, movie clips, and game controls to the "racing gators."
  • Add sounds and control audio components while building a pre-loader--a web component that tells visitors that something's happening while your site elements load.

By completing the eight real-world projects in the Flash book, students will not only master the broad scope of the Flash application, they will also develop a robust portfolio sure to impress potential employers. Furthermore, the Portfolio Builders will provide opportunities for students to flex their creative muscles by independently completing freeform assignments at the end of every project.