Adobe Dreamweaver CS3: The Professional Portfolio

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3: The Professional Portfolio
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Dreamweaver is the standard by which site designers and managers handle the many components required to run today's typical web presence. The Portfolio Series addresses this powerful tool the same way it does other Creative Suite applications -- the way one has to in the real world of design and site management. Purely project-based, the book offers eight hands-on, step-by-step assignments exactly as they would be handed to someone in the field. Each assignment addresses workflow, task, and process requirements, finishing with a site that works the way it's supposed to

. The title provides self-learners, interested readers, students, and professional instructors detailed instructions on how to:

  • Define the structure of a site using standard navigation strategies, image and other link types, as well as manage the inter-relationships of pages within a site.
  • Understand and apply proper structural markup to page elements, including various HTML tags for different editorial elements.
  • Work with a variety of tools and options for managing images in a Web site, creating image links, controlling background images, and even using built-in editing tools.
  • Build a Web site layout from scratch, and use the power of templates, snippets, and libraries to apply your design throughout an entire site.
  • Work in depth with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control both the overall layout and he appearance of different types of content.
  • Apply built-in Dreamweaver functionality to design effective and easy-to-use forms, and add validation to control the information that a user enters into various types of form fields.
  • Design layouts using AP div elements, work with timelines to create JavaScript animations, and build multi-level navigation bars.
  • Build a site that interacts with an external database to dynamically transfer information between the server and site users.