Adobe Animate CC 2017: An Introduction To Animation

Adobe Animate CC 2017: An Introduction To Animation
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Adobe Animate is powerful tool for building animations and other interactive content, combining the ability to easily create visual elements with powerful code-writing tools that bring the interactivity to life. The projects in this book were designed to introduce the basic concepts of animation in the context of Animate’s toolset. You will learn to:

  • Create vector graphics using the unique capabilities of the Animate drawing tools.
  • Import external assets such as graphics, symbols, and audio files.
  • Organize files using layers and libraries to improve your overall workflow.
  • Use a variety of animation techniques, including frame-by-frame, tweening, and motion paths.
  • Incorporate sounds into animations, whether attached to the main timeline or triggered by a specific object.
  • Define appropriate formats and playback settings for exporting files.
  • Use symbols to minimize file weight without compromising quality.
  • Add buttons, behaviors, and functions to control animation playback.